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The Dynalyzer™ at Machlett Labs, Stamford CT in 1975 by Dr. Shapiro and Tony Pellegrino. The design today is largely the same, with the exception of changes necessitated by obsolete electronic components.

We have available for resale the following used Dynalyzer™ X-ray test equipment, and voltage dividers, which have been  calibrated. 4 month warranty does not cover damage from high voltage overload. Dynalyzer™ High Voltage Units (HVUs) have all been examined and calibrated.. New Voltage dividers 12 month warranty. Price does not include high voltage cables. . Other equipment 30 day return only.
See below.

All equipment is calibrated prior to shipment, so give us time to process your order. Domestic credit cards accepted. Annual calibration is recommended for all test equipment. All items subject to prior sale. Order now for best selection!

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Item Availability Price
Dynalyzer III or IIIA high voltage unit  calibrated:  Supplied with line cord and manual. Click on pictures for enlargements.  Dynalyzer III High Voltage Unit III (left) and IIIA (Right)

Dynalyzer IIIA high voltage unit||||
Picture of dynaly2 small||||

30 days

Call for individual prices:
Dynalyzer High Voltage Unit (HVU)-subject to availability.
Radcal IIIU
Varian-Fischer IIIA
Machlett IIIA
Machlett III
Machlett Dyn II

Dynalyzer III digital display with or without printer, as available.  Calibrated.  Supplied with interconnect cable , line cord and manual . OEC interface modifications on some stock units.

Dynalyzer III digital display||||

30 days Varian Dynalyzer III with Impact printer with RS232 or without printer, call for pricing.

Machlett III w/o printer, call for pricing, ask for OEC mod; with thermal printer, call for pricing. You may be supplied with a printer at our option, as stock allows.

Dynalyzer radiation probe set: Type 653 probe, int’f, cables . All tested for circuit functionality. Not calibrated. Call for pricing without calibration.
 NEW  Parker Medical H917 voltage dividers. All used units rebuilt internally and calibrated. 10,000:1 ratio direct to scope, 1,000:1 ratio emulates GE bleeder. Excellent frequency /pulse response. See new equipment section for spec sheets. Call for pricing.
Cables extra.2-4 week delivery
Calibrated – Call for pricing.

Ordering Info

Equipment is used and calibrated, except as noted. Dynalyzers and voltage dividers sold with one year warranty against operational defects. This equipment is used, and may have scratches and markings on it.  .  Other equipment sold with 30 day return privilege, no other warranty.  email confirming order afdter to speaking with us to

All Dynalyzers, and voltage dividers have reprint manuals.
All merchandise in limited quantity and subject to prior sale.

 Equipment made in USA.