Application Notes

The application notes have been written in response to the many telephone questions, we received during the course of the many years that Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. in Greenwich, CT has been calibrating and repairing Dynalyzer™ and voltage dividers, as well as a result of Dr. Shapiro’s 11 year involvement with this program at Machlett Labs, Stamford CT. He was the original project manager and design engineer for the Dynalyzer system, when it was designed at Machlett laboratories in Stamford, CT.

For a PDF copy of all nine of our app notes, click this link:  PDF APP NOTES

A document from the archives recently surfaced that offers additional perspectives on the use and special needs of the Dynalyzer.  Click this link for long lost internal Machlett memo: Machlett Dynalyzer APP NOTES (1986)

  Individual Notes included in the PDF brochure are #1-9:

  • Application Note 1: Dynalyzer™ II and III Triggering
  • Application Note 2: An Optimum Test Sequence
  • Application Note 3: Sources of Error in Milliampere (mA) Measurements
  • Application Note 4: Why don’t I get mA readings?
  • Application Note 5: A better way to zero mA on your Dynalyzer
  • Application Note 6: OEC Interface Compatibility for Dynalyzer III
  • Application Note 7: The Proper Use of Voltage Dividers
  • Application Note 8: Why Doesn’t My Non-Invasive kVp Read the same as a Divider?
  • Application Note 9: Caution with your divider- Dynalyzer™ and GE Light Speed scanner
  • Application Note 10: The Proper Use of H917 Voltage Dividers
  • Application Note 11: How to measure A+C with a voltage divider