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PMI core competencies and novel proprietary processes are supported by PMI patents and combined engineering experience of over 100 years.  This technology is derived from a fundamental knowledge of high voltage, metallurgy, vacuum and metals & plastics properties.

PMI standard products include high voltage cables and harnesses, receptacles, x-ray tube shields and beam control devices, x-ray tube cooling and oil processing devices, and x-ray test and measurement subsystems.  PMI benchmark services include high voltage components design & validation, lightning impulse testing and expert guidance in tube technology & high voltage systems development.

PMI is evidence that a small U.S.-based family business is a sustainable supplier and worthy competitor in our 21st-century global economy.  Our customers have relied on us to design and produce quality products for over 25 years.  Our products go into the latest, cutting-edge technology in CT scanners, nuclear medicine equipment, c-arms, cyber-knife equipment, homeland security inspection systems, radar signaling devices, electron-beam welding equipment and food, pathogen & materials analysis equipment.

PMI offers superior technology and products that customers from around the world depend on.