Extended Federal Standard HV Cables & Receptacles

The federal standard terminal and receptacle have been used as a high voltage connection system for over fifty years. It has been used successfully for a wide variety of applications that the basic design has been accepted as an international standard.

The typical federal standard 3-pin and 4-pin configurations are rated for 75kV. When assembled with a 100kV cable and PMI proprietary materials and processing techniques, the cable can be rated for 100kV operation. PMI has now extended this proven design to meet even higher KV operating voltages—160kV and 250kV. They are typically used in end-grounded systems, dual-pole equipment operating at over 250kV and test equipment.

Typical cable configurations include the extended federal plug at both ends or other high kV HV terminations like the R24, R28 or the PMI “Iceberg” conical tapered type at the other end. The six-conductor configuration serves to power multiple focal spots and provide bias and pulse control. The following table describes the kV rating and pin configurations of the extended federal standard. For further electrical and mechanical details reference PMI drawings H453/H454 and H1449 specification for Type Q high voltage cable.

H0453/H0454 Cable/Receptacle Specification

Part Number  Pin Configuration



 Mating Receptacle
H0453 P1 -100  1-conductor center pin 100kV M  H0454 P1-100
  -160   160kV Q1, E  H0454 P1-160
  -250   250kV E, F  H0454 P1-250
H0453 P3 -100  3-conductor Federal Standard 100kV M  H0454 P3-100
  -160   160kV Q1, E  H0454 P3-160
  -250   250kV E, F  H0454 P3-250
H0453 P4S -100  4-conductor symmetrical 100kV G, H, N  H0454 P4S-100
  -160   160kV Q1, E  H0454 P4S-160
  -250   250kV E, F  H0454 P4S-250
H0453 P4G -100  4-conductor grid 100kV G  H0454 P4G-100
  -160   160kV Q1, E  H0454 P4G-160
  -250   250kV E, F  H0454 P4G-250
H0453 P5 -100  5-conductor grid with center pin 100kV Q2  H0454 P5-100
  -160   160kV Q2  H0454 P5-160
  -250   250kV -  H0454 P5-250
H0453 P6 -100  6-conductor circular 100kV Q2  H0454 P6-100
  -160   160kV Q2  H0454 P6-160
  -250   250kV -  H0454 P6-250


High-kV federal standard cables and receptacles: 100kV, 160kV and250kV
H453 P6-100 six-conductor HV termination with H454 P6-100 receptacle