High Voltage Cable/Control Wire Harnesses

PMI produces high voltage cable/control wire harnesses for x-ray C-Arm equipment and equipment that requires cable runs through conduit. PMI’s decades of experience in designing and producing compact x-ray components has culminated in the production of the most versatile, dependable and innovative harnesses. A variety of hose materials and diameters are available—all VW-1 rated. PMI custom molds cuffs and strain reliefs to match and meet aesthetic and mechanical equipment specifications. Cable/wire bundles are also customized and terminated to meet or exceed equipment operating voltage, mechanical and electrical requirements.

C-Arm harness in flexible "old-style" hose with federal standard terminations.
C-Arm harness in flexible, smooth hose with federal standard and mini 75kV molded terminations.
HV cable/control harness for C-Arm equipment.