Molded High Voltage Cable Terminations

PMI molds special high voltage cable terminations in a variety of materials to adjust plug durometer, improve temperature characteristics, and increase dielectric strength and voltage rating. Material selection is critical in matching plug to receptacle and overall operating specifications. PMI material selection and molding techniques allow for size reduction while maintaining voltage rating. While many of the PMI plug/receptacle combinations have become industry standards, selecting both the PMI cable and receptacle ensures mechanical and electrical compatibility. PMI molded plug and receptacles range in voltage from 10kV to 250kV and are tested to exceed their operating voltage rating to ensure reliability and longer life.


H435 mini plug with recessed pins molded from EPR for vulcanized termination to cable insulation. Rated for 75kV, 1-4 conductors
H199 keyed taper plug rated for 75kV, 1-4 conductors. Shown with H355 cathode receptacle.
H190 mini plug (LGH-4) rated for 60kV, 1-2 conductors. Shown with H234 receptacle.
H189 compact plug rated for 60kV, 1-5 conductors. Shown with H78 receptacle.