After 30 years of operation Dr. Jon Shapiro has sold GiCi to Parker Medical. Bill Holland, president of Parker Medical and Dr. Shapiro have worked together since 1972 when Bill hired Jon as senior engineer for x-ray subsytems at Machlett Labs.  Jon developed the Dynalyzer at Machlett taking over from previous Dynalyzers designs such as the Y1-A, and other attempts to make these measurements.

For the last 30 years, Jon and Bill have collaborated on projects, and the H917 and Monopole divider are among the results. GiCi has been the cal lab for these instruments since their development. Now, Jon, continues to advise Tim Holland who is now President of Parker Medical.

Dr. Jon Shapiro, founder and president of Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. in Greenwich, CT, was the engineering manager for Machlett labs in Stamford, CT where the Dynalyzer™ was invented in 1977. Dr. Shapiro nurtured the Dynalyzer™ II and III programs at Machlett, and has had more experience with the repair and calibration of this instrument than anyone else. Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. also calibrates voltage dividers, DVMAs, oscilloscopes and digital multi meters. We stock test cables for the Dynalyzer™ and voltage dividers.  Jon is now a consultant to GiCi at Parker Medical.

Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. was founded by Dr. Shapiro in 1988.

Why Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc.?

>GiCi is now part of Parker Medical Inc. which can provide significant support to grow GiCi.