PMI, a Holland Family Company

Holland Family Cmpny Heading


Parker Medical is a Holland Family Company, and, along with our sister company, Holland Joint Venture, we’re realizing the results of vision, planning, determination and individual & collective talent. PMI is a global leader in x-ray component technology; HJV has invested in real estate opportunities to realize PMI expansion plans.

Ground was broken on the 11-acre corporate park adjacent to PMI, Bridgewater, in 2010 for future PMI expansion and consideration of collaborative development efforts with customers or related businesses; the PMI Clearwater Branch was established in 2011 to supplement engineering and manufacturing resources, and to facilitate marketing growth objectives in the Latin American market.

PMI and the Holland Family Companies provide not only jobs, but community support ranging from sponsoring high school senior projects to construction of a playground & senior center, and everything in between. The Holland Family Companies have positioned themselves to meet the challenges of unemployment, homelessness, the need for vocational training, and providing critical support that comes from not only recognizing the needs of our neighbors, but how we fit in as a global neighbor and competitor.