High Voltage Cables, Receptacles & Adapters for Mammography Equipment

PMI produces high voltage components for mammography equipment and for mammography equipment test. PMI mammography components are produced with superior component parts and assembly techniques. They are over-voltage tested to ensure reliable performance for their rated operation. Following are the most common types of cable, connector and adapter assemblies.

H493 Series Configurations:

P1: straight to 90-deg
P2: straight to straight
P3: straight to federal
P4: 90-deg to federal
P5: 90-deg to banana plug
P6: straight to banana plug
P7: 90-deg to 90-deg


H44 P2 KVP adapter cable for equipment calibration, H1044 cable with federal standard plug to banana plug 10’,
for use with PMI H917 HV divider
H45 Federal standard plug/H1418 mammography receptacle with H27 P10 retaining nut
H1418 Mammography receptacle series


H493 P1 HV mammography cable with 90-degree and straight mammo terminations with H1418 receptacle.
GE DMR-style HV mammo termination with 4-pin federal standard grid plug.