H917 Dual-Pole Voltage Divider

  The PMI H917 is a frequency compensated, 100-meg ohm, voltage divider designed to accurately test x-ray equipment. It has an impedance match and low frequency electrical characteristics similar to the GE C1515A and 46-15496681 voltage dividers. It can be used with single phase and three phase generators, and also provides excellent high frequency compensation for use with high frequency generators. With a well characterized rise time, the H917 divider is suitable for use in radiography, cine, pulse and mammography applications. It can be utilized for both high requency and short exposures.

   Unique to the H917 is its ability to be used in place of the GE C1515A voltage divider in closed loop calibrations of the AMX IV mobile unit and 9800 CT scanner. The PMI H917 divider can be used up to 100,000 Hz allowing more accurate timer and shutter calibrations and facilitating iagnosis of most power supply faults.

   The divider provides two ranges, allowing it to be used with a variety of readout devices. One mode of operation provides the 1000:1 ratio into a 10-meg ohm load (in this mode it may be used as a replacement for the GE divider). It may also be connected to 10-meg ohm input impedance DC digital volt meters or 10-meg 10X scope probes. The second mode of operation is the 10,000:1 range when operated into a 1-meg ohm load such as the direct input of an oscilloscope.

   The H917 is housed in an oil-filled steel container. It is light-weight and designed for rigorous transport and reliable field service.

H0917 Specifications
 Voltage Division Ratio
    Scope Mode
    Direct Mode (GE Emulation)
 10,000:1 ±1%, 1-MEG Load
 1,000:1 ±1%, 10-MEG Load
 Divider  100-MEG OHM, capacity resistance compensated
 kV Frequency Response Accuracy  1% @ DC
 3% @ 1kHz
 5% @ 100kHz
 Oil-Filled Voltage Range  Continuous operation 0-150KVP
±87.5 KVP per side maximum in 3-phase applications
 Weight  32 lbs. (15.5 KG)
 Dimensions  12" diameter x 10" high
 HV Connectors  Federal Standard 3-pin with optional 4-pin grid federal connector for cathode
 Other connectors available
 Supplied with  (2) BNC Cables, 15-feet
 Oil-tight selector switch
 Storage  Avoid freezing temperatures
 Max accuracy is at 70oF
 Manufactured  USA
 Accessories  H0496 HV calibration cables 5' (Federal)
 H0493-005 P3 HV calibration cable 5' (Mammography)
 H0045 Federal/Mammo adapter plug
 H0044 Lorad mammo equipment calibration cable
 Calibration  Traceable to NIST, recommended annually


H917 Dual-Pole Voltage Divider