H1049 Mono-Pole Voltage Divider

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  The PMI H1049 150kV HV divider is a 200-meg ohm, high frequency compensated high voltage calibration unit designed to test x-ray equipment and other high voltage instruments. Its precision provides accurate measurement for laboratory, manufacturing, systems integration, and installation and service applications. The unit is small and lightweight.

  With a well-characterized rise time, the H1049 divider may be used with single phase, three phase and constant potential high voltage generators and for both pulsed and high frequency exposures.

 H1049 Specifications
 Operating Voltage  190kVDC short term (max)
  150kVDC continuous
 Divider Ratio  10,000:1 / 1,000:1 switchable
 Input Resistance  200-MEG OHM
 Response Accuracy  1% @ 1KHz DC
 5% @ 1KHz - 20KHz
 10% @ 20KHz - 100KHz
 Weight  30 Lbs.
 Dimensions  12" diameter x 12" high
 HV Receptacles
   H1049 P1
   H1049 P2
  H0454 P3-160 160kV Ext.   Fed. Std. 3-pin
  H1419 P2 R24
  (Other receptacles available upon request)
 Output Connector  BNC
 Supplied with  (1) BNC Cable 15-ft., ground stud, carrying handle
 Storage  Avoid freezing temperatures
  Max accuracy is at 70oF
 Manufactured  USA
   H1049 P1
   H1049 P2
 PMI H0453-005 P3-160 Jumper cable 5'
 PMI H1376-005 R24 Jumper cable 5'
Calibration  Traceable to NIST, recommended annually


H1049 Mono-Pole Voltage Divider
H1049 Mono-Pole Voltage Divider