Design Validation

PMI employs over 100-years of engineering expertise and a portfolio of patents & proprietary processes, R&D resources and test equipment to provide comprehensive and critical design validation for high voltage components.  Some of our capabilities include high voltage testing to 240kVDC and 500 KVP lightning impulse testing (LIT), electrical stress modeling, x-ray tube components testing, testing of rotational mechanical systems in vacuum environments, output and leakage measurement of x-ray sources and application of plastics, elastomer and composite material knowledge.

DesignValidation1_compression   DesignValidation2_leadroom
PMI has core competency in end-ground systems, and has designed superior connectors for both power supply and x-ray tube ends.  PMI has developed fixtures and test procedures to measure compression as well as mechanical and electrical integrity.  The test set-up shown above measures strength and deformation of weldments, which if exceeded can cause electrical failure or x-ray leakage.  Following this design test, the connector was lightning impulse tested to 500 KVP.  



  The PMI lead room (shown above) is used for x-ray source experiments, radiation leakage measurement and development of novel x-ray devices.
PMI conducts overvoltage tests for components design and production testing.