High Voltage Measurement Equipment

PMI H850 High Voltage Switch Tank

  The PMI H850 high voltage switch tank permits multiple x-ray tube operation from a single high voltage generator and control. The switch tanks are available for two, three or four tube control. Typically the high voltage sockets are the three-pin federal standard type, however, the tanks can be outfitted with four-pin grid control sockets or other types which will accommodate special high voltage tubes and equipment. For high voltage operation above 75kV, tanks can be furnished with 160KV and 250KV sockets. PMI also manufactures the high voltage cables for connecting these units.

H986 HV Load Simulator

  The PMI H986 load simulator is a device which tests power supply output in normal operating mode and with a simulated load. The switchable load is rated at 100kV and is provided with a circulating oil heat exchanger that provides cooling for continuous duty. High voltage connections can be customized by selecting from PMI’s wide range of HV receptacles and cables.

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