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High Voltage Test Dividers
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Calibration Services

Parker Medical, Inc. fabricates high voltage dividers, service tools, and test components for accurate high voltage measurement and calibration of x-ray imaging equipment. 

Parker’s world-class ISO/IEC 17025 calibration lab calibrates test equipment to 160kV traceable to NIST, 250kV certification pending. 

Parker Test Equipment Service Tools & Subsystems

  • Dual-Pole & Monopole High Voltage Dividers
  • High Voltage Test Cables with Federal Standard, Extended Federal Standard, & R-Series Terminations
  • Junction Fittings & Extension Cables
  • Switch Tanks
  • Transient Current Monitor Tanks
  • Load Simulators
  • High Voltage Test Cables
  • High Voltage Dummy Plugs

HV Divider Fabrication & Calibration Services

Parker Part No.H0917H2828H2986
Maximum Voltage+/- 75kV180kV250kV
Divider Resistance Range100 Megohm200 Megohm280 Megohm
% Accuracy DC115
% Accuracy 1kHz3510
% Accuracy 100kHz51020
Voltage RatioDivider Output Impedance
1000:110 M10 M--
10,000:11 M1 M10 M
100,000:1----1 M
Weight (LBS)334255
Dimensions (IN)11.5Dx10.25H12Dx13.75H11.5Dx18H
HV Connectors*3-Pin Federal Standard (4EA)3-Pin Extended Federal Standard (2EA)R-Series (2EA)

*High voltage receptacles and test cable plug terminations available in custom configurations: 3-pin Federal Standard, 4-pin Grid, extended Federal Standard 1- to 6-pin, 160kV-250kV, R-24, R-28

*Dynalyzer HVU & Display calibration

High voltage extension cable with extended Federal Standard receptacle can and termination. Custom configurations available receptacle can and plug ends. 

High voltage switch allows one power supply to power multiple x-ray tubes. Oil-filled enclosure supports 2 input receptacles and 4 output receptacles. Selector switch safety circuitry. 

GICI Division of Parker Medical, Inc. introduces MammoCal® H3135P01 High Voltage Divider for Hologic™ Mammography System Calibration Customized for other Applications

MammoCal® compact, lightweight instrument for calibration of mammographic x-ray generators and other equipment types.

H1315P01 MammoCal®  

  • Attached 5-ft cable plugs into generator test well 
  • Safety ground
  • BNC outputs for connection to oscilloscope, digital voltmeter, or both; switch selectable
  • Frequency compensated, linear, accurate

Options in Development

  • Carrying Case
  • Replaceable high voltage cable
*Annual calibration recommended 


  • Operating Voltage: to 50kV
  • Maximum Test Voltage: 60kV
  • BNC Scope Output Ratio: 10,000:1 for 1 and/or 10meg loads
  • DC Accuracy: 0.5% AS 9100/ISO 17025 accredited
  • Frequency Compensated: to 100kHz (+/-3% – 1 kHz)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs 2.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 10″H x 6″W x 2″ D
  • High Voltage Cable: PIP 6′ terminated Banana Plug Contact