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PMI is a Holland Family Company.  From our headquarters in Bridgewater, Connecticut, PMI develops and manufactures innovative components and subsystems for x-ray imaging.  Founded in 1984, PMI celebrated its 25th anniversary with a launch of new products and application of patent technology for the medical, industrial, scientific and homeland security industries.

With our state-of-the-art technological innovations, PMI has helped to advance the early detection of disease, and has set new standards in components for CT, mammography, bone densitometry, x-ray & c-arm applications, electron & proton therapy, scientific analysis, electron-beam welding and baggage & cargo inspection.

PMI product fabrication and validation services for x-ray imaging components range from high voltage cables & harnesses, flat connectors, receptacles, x-ray beam control & radiation shielding, x-ray tube cooling & oil processing, and x-ray measurement devices & subsystems.

The development of PMI’s 11-acre corporate park adjacent to our Bridgewater headquarters affirms our vision of global leadership and our commitment to providing essential resources to our customers.


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